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Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
Orange Show Center for Visionary Art
Christ Church Cathedral



A Coloring Book

Writing + Cover Design + Layout

When planning the Kickstarter campaign for my short film, Sofi, I knew I wanted to offer a reward that was both unique and thematically tied to the film. I decided to create a coloring book that took people on a tour of my favorite spots in Houston, which is both my hometown and where Sofi is set.

The first step was picking the sites I wanted to feature. I then set about finding pictures from which an artist could create line drawings. I tried to find images that both captured the essence of the location and that would be fun to color, providing a mix of intricate shapes and large, open spaces.

Once the drawings were in place, I researched and wrote a little paragraph explaining why each site was worth visiting. On some, I also included my favorite memory of the location.

Last of all, I designed the cover using one of the main images. Of course I threw in a splash of Houston Astros colors to give it that H-Town vibe.

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