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Sofi Poster
Sofi Screenplay


Short Film | 2017

Writing + Directing + Producing

Sofi is my second short film, but it's the first one I actually feel proud showing an audience. It's a short sequel to my YA novel, The Drifters, and picks up a decade after the events in the book.

This project gave me the opportunity to collaborate with some of Houston's most passionate and talented creative individuals, including my friends at Film Lab Creative, for whom it was their first narrative film. 


Sofi is a funny but poignant story about a starving artist struggling with whether or not to throw in the towel on her dreams after a major failure. Her existential crisis comes to a head at her best friend's suburban baby shower, one of the most painfully hilarious social events known to (wo)man.

We raised $6,000 through a Kickstarter campaign in April 2016 and shot the film over two days in July 2016 (plus half a day of pickup shots). We held two screenings for cast, crew and friends in January 2017.

Download the Sofi Screenplay

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