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Hi, everyone. Thanks for helping me out by reading and giving feedback on this script.

Like I mentioned in the post, JESUS FREAKS is a half-hour TV comedy that's essentially PEN15 set in a Christian youth group.


A teenaged girl and boy in 1997 navigate all the normal pressures of high school, except with an even greater challenge—they’re born-again Evangelical Christians, self-proclaimed Jesus Freaks.

While PEN15 is the easy comparison, it probably has more in common with EIGHTH GRADE. Other things I've used as a reference include LADY BIRD and, of course, FREAKS AND GEEKS. Shows and movies that lovingly poke fun while being generous with their subjects. This is probably my most personal script to date, so I have no intention for it to be mean-spirited or cynical.

I've also referred to it as Jules et Jim et Jesus, if that means anything to you.

Here's a PDF of the script:

Download Jesus Freaks

On the last page of the script, you'll find some additional info about the rest of Season One.

When finished reading, you can email your thoughts to:

nathan (at) nathannix (dot) com

Below are some of the questions I'm curious about. Answer as many or as few as you want. Or ignore them all and just tell me whatever you want to tell me.

If you have a background in a church youth group, I'd like to know if the story resonates with you and what you hope a series like this might dig into from that journey, whether good/bad/weird. If you have TV/film writing/development experience, I'm interested in how well you think the pilot will set up a series and your thoughts on tone, characters, etc.

  • What did you like about the script?

  • What did you not like?

  • What did you wish had been different?

  • Was there anything about the characters or story that was confusing or unclear?

  • Was there any part of the story you didn't believe or find plausible?

  • Did the story drag at any point? Or does anything feel redundant or unnecessary?

  • Did I focus on the right characters?

  • If you come from a Christian background, what do you hope this show will feature or address?

  • If you know about story development, how well do you think this sets up a series? What could be tweaked?

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